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Tips For Parents Of Children With Food Allergies

Are you the parent of a child who suffers with food allergies? If you are, you may be looking for some helpful tips to cope with your child’s medical condition. One of the first things that ........ Read More

Childhood Abuse And Depression - Anxiety Lives On

It has been established that nature and nurture should not be taken as enemies or total opposites, but as two intertwined realities that function together to make up the human experience. Nature was d........ Read More

Prosthetic Limbs Help Children

Parents whose children have lost an arm or leg often blame themselves for the loss. They may feel responsible for the accident or prenatal condition causing amputation. They may worry their child will........ Read More

Now’s The Time To Reclaim Our Childbirth Skills

Consider this. In the US, 3,680,000 women give birth each year, in the UK 700,000 do, Melbourne, Australia 58,000 and the same in New Zealand. Where Common Knowledge Trust is located 1,000 women give........ Read More

Suggestions For Home Remedies To Use On Children

We have all been in a situation as parents at one time or another where we wished things had occurred differently. It never fails, just as everything is going badly, something else comes along and ........ Read More

Teaching Children Through Stories

Teaching children is not an easy task. And yet, it is one of the most important responsibilities you hold as parents. It cannot and must not be delegated to others. But then, you may feel loss, inadeq........ Read More

Air Travel Rules: Are They Different With Children?

Are you and your family planning on taking a trip now or in the near future? If so, there is a good chance that you all will be flying on airplane. When traveling a long distance, especially with ........ Read More

Can You Keep Your Children Safe Online?

Few of us want to dwell on the subject of child abuse. but it is a very real and unfortunate fact of life in today's world. The effects on Children can be devastating, and have a lifelong negative eff........ Read More

When Your Child's Star Dims

Sports are supposed to be good for children, combining play and fun with exercise. But child athletes may not be having fun anymore. Some are being trained to excel at a particular sport, often to com........ Read More

How To Use Personalized Children's Books As Learning Tools

How Personalized Child Books Can Be the Key to Faster Learning Have you ever noticed how your child learned his or her name first, before mommy, daddy or anything else you tried to teach him? His nam........ Read More

Writing Children's Books: Take Chances To Get Published

In an editorial several years ago, I described a tree house in the backyard of a local restaurant. I wrote, "The entire structure has been pieced together from recycled lumber, much of which still bea........ Read More

Are Chat Rooms A Menace To Your Children?

My answer would be: yes, with qualifications. I've been running internet chat rooms since 1998, at rooms.htm. Nothing fancy. The software was freely available. I just ha........ Read More

Child Party Ideas

Organizing a party for children used to be a simple affair. You made some buns and jelly, ordered a clown and you were in business. The bar was raised some time ago and kids are more sophisticated a........ Read More

Internet Safety Tools That Can Protect Your Child

If you are the parent of a child or a teenager who uses the internet, do you take steps to protect them? If not, you will want to start right away. Although the internet can be neat for your child........ Read More

Easy Ways To Stay Involved In Your Child’s Internet Use

Are you the parent of a child or a teenager who uses the internet? If you are, do you know the importance of staying involved and in the know about your child’s internet use? Better yet, do you ........ Read More


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Children Clothing Baby Clothes Maternity Wear Mothering
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Children Clothing Baby Clothes Maternity Wear Mothering
Children Babies Infant Breast Feeding

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