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The Expectations On The Children Of Geniuses

Hitler was once reported to have said that he was bound by duty never to father children, for “the children of a genius inevitably turn out to be fools.” While Adolf Hitler can be seen as being w........ Read More

Riding Schools - Choosing For Children

If you have never learnt to ride then choosing a riding school for your child can seem complicated. First and foremost, your primary focus must be on finding somewhere safe. Horses are animals an........ Read More

Visiting The Magic Kingdom With Small Children

When traveling to the Magic Kingdom with children, it is important to perform advanced planning before arriving in Florida. Preparing for this trip will make the difference in a stressful family vacat........ Read More

Adirondack Chairs For Children

An Adirondack chair is a beautiful piece of handcrafted furniture that is commonly used for outdoor furniture. The majority of Adirondack chairs sold today are for adults; however, there are a select........ Read More

Teach Children Magic

When it comes to teaching any subject matter to beginners, it can be much easier than you might think. Simply because beginners don't know anything about the subject or have any preconceived notions o........ Read More

Children Reaching Children

War is a terrible thing. And the war we are trying to get through right now sure has its share of brutality and loss of life. The sad thing is that it is the children who are most affected by such........ Read More

Martial Arts Not Just For Children

Many people come in contact with martial arts first as children, and it can be hard for them to shake the feeling that martial arts is just for kids. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, ........ Read More

Home-schooling The Preschool Children

Different children have varying interests and learning needs not to mention attention spans. And so, for parents who are pondering whether homeschooling is for them or otherwise, it is best to do an i........ Read More

Do The World’s Poor Children Really Need A $100 Laptop?

The chairman and founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab recently launched the $100 laptop to the world’s media. Is it necessary? MIT rolled out a non-profit association, cal........ Read More

Helping Children Cope With Their Parents' Divorce

Not everyone is blessed with a complete and happy family. It is quite acceptable to see broken families, children dealing with step mothers or step fathers, or children dealing with a single parent. D........ Read More

Traveling With "a Bump" And/or Small Children

Traveling pregnant is just a warm-up exercise for your life for the next few years. It's a peek into your future living with a 2- to five year old. You'll know the location of every restroom along y........ Read More

Children's Crafts For A Rainy Day

Another rainy or snowy day and you are stuck at home with the children. They are full of too much energy and are driving you crazy. The weather is too bad to let them go outside and play so how do y........ Read More

Getting A Good Deal On Children’s Clothing

Children grow at unbelievable rates, and sometimes it seems like their clothes no longer fit just overnight. Clothing isn’t cheap so having to budget for a new wardrobe isn’t easy. If you have s........ Read More

Simple Yet Effective Ways To Sharpen Memory In Children

One of the mysteries has been solved. Babies younger than 8-9 months old do remember and have specific memories. For a long time, the question has baffled researchers, doctors, as well as parents—wh........ Read More

Important Life Coaching Advice For Children

I have just returned from my twelve year old step-daughters parents evening. It was an interesting hour and I believe my daughter has learnt quite a lot from the experience. The teachers gave her some........ Read More


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